Our bodies and thoughts are energy bobbing in a sea of energy.  Most of my “energy work” is packaged into physical objects such as my energy marbles and jewelry creations.  My energy work, however, is also offered directly using various modalities: 

We will make an appointment for a time when you are completely at ease and can focus on your own healing.  It really is best for the client to participate in the process.  We can do this while on the phone or simply check in before and after the session.
“Reiki” is a form of very nurturing feminine fire energy, while what we call “Quan Yin Joray” (coming from the masculine Japanese tradition) is actually a form of male fire energy.  Average cost is $60 a session.

Clacking is a lightning-fast version of energy work, and like the name implies, it is somewhat noisy.  I use a “SpaceBoard” (by Rick Ferguson of along with the above energy modalities, to quickly knock out implants and and attached entities, cut cords, cleanse the etheric field, allow the various subtle bodies to work in greater harmony, and even work on the higher chakras to facilitate higher awareness. It has a much wider range of applications than I can describe here. Average cost is $60 a session.


Another form of energy work for me includes my artwork in designer’s gouache.  While my art prints emit an excellent field of vibration, you would really be blown away if you got hold of one of my originals.  I prefer representational themes to the abstract, and love depicting angels and members of the devic realm.  Size and complicity matter.  A dainty original 6 x 8” fairy portrait is typically $150, while a large 12 x 18” archangel will often run $800.  It will be shipped flat and unmatted so that you may have it professionally mounted and framed.  As the artist, I retain all publishing rights to this work.

While I prefer to simply send folks to my blogsite ( for the information to empower themselves, occasionally some people will need more personal help. 

Over the years I've helped a lot of people with everything from "sick land syndrome" to full-blown poltergeist activity (often both because they are related). Sometimes it isn't either of those things, but it still has to be addressed. Many clients are fully in denial until some tremendous event occurs that has them wanting to flee the house.  I'm here to assist people in reclaiming their own territory, along with their personal power and sanity.

My ultimate goal is to coach the person who is experiencing this sort of stuff, get them out of fear and have them confront the problem head-on and do their own part in healing the difficulty, while I assist both the person and their property using a number of methods to clear the funk.  

Clearing off a poltergeist problem might be what the customer is initially after, and it is easy enough to do, but it is important to address the energetic basis for the haunting. Chances are, a given site will have accumulated a combination of energetic features/problems long before the client arrived on that spot.

I often work over the phone or remotely by "witness" and with permission.  If a person can focus well enough to draw a map of their property and send it to me, I will check for general geopathism, noxious rays, geopathic rays, ley lines, Curry & Hartmann grids, vortexes, historical funk, curses, ghosts, aliens and "what-not". 

This isn’t intended to be an on-going rescue effort. Pricing depends heavily on my time and the client’s level of cooperation.  The client must to be part of the cure because “we attract our likes and dislikes”, per Universal Law.