PUBLIC SPEAKING:  I offer several topics of interest to the "human potential" crowd, including:  "Low Carb Spirituality", "Native American Prophesies", "Commando Spirituality", which can each include short discourses on stone medicine, dowsing, energies, angels, radionics, and ceremony. The idea is to come up with a reasonably entertaining way to get some fairly advanced information across.

SKIN PAINTING:  If you are hosting a party, festival, fundraiser or other event within a reasonable stomping range, you might consider having a "face painter" on hand.  While most people don't really want their faces painted, they will line up to have their arms, legs, upper chest and even backs adorned... often shockingly so.  Corporate logos, tribal designs, animals, flowers, dragons, angels, runes and Egyptian symbols are all in my repertoire, so the ol' biker skull and dagger is no problem... after all, I am a professional illustrator.


face painting

I offer both the non-toxic "face paint" (which washes off immediately), and the more durable acrylic paints, which holds on quite well in spite of working up a sweat on the dance floor and usually comes off within 2 baths. If a really hairy fellow wants some skin art (there's always one), I offer a disposable razor.
A flat rate is offered based on length of time and the number of people.

HENNA TATTOOS:  For more mature parties and fundraisers, you may consider henna tattoos. Having been used for centuries in India, this is an herbal paste applied to the skin, then allowed to dry over perhaps an hour, then the paste falls off leaving a stain that can last 2-4 weeks. It is very popular these days. This is also an excellent opportunity to receive spiritual symbols like the "72 Names of God", a spirit animal, or whatever.