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Among the things required by any business in marketing and website building is logo design, graphics, text and photography. Most businesses need a whole package including a logo, stationery, business cards, sign package and collateral materials to market with.

If you have services and products to sell, but are not sure about how to present it to the public, I offer my expertise. I've been at this for some 30 years and have created the entire package for five startup companies and some 50 apartment communities (about 6 years' worth). I offer a lot of experience in technical advertising and graphics. I am also aware of all the newest innovations in the printing industry and what they can do for you.

Once I get inside your head and learn a little about your business, I can pull it together for you.
I can edit and/or write your text.
I can shoot professional digital photos of your product line and then tweak them to be more useful to you, including either removing or changing the backgrounds and adding special effects. 
If you need a logo or clean custom illustrations, I can render them in a number of different styles for use in different situations.
If you need something really simple and cheap, I have a collection of royalty-free clip art that can be adapted for you.
I can create your brochures and other materials, and even handle getting them printed, if you need it.  

I can either send your graphics to you via digital download or burn it all to disk for you. Average is $40 an hour, with a deposit. 


You wouldn’t be on this page if you didn’t like my website.  It is simple, friendly, and yes, constantly in development.  Show me a hot-rod mechanic that isn’t perpetually tweaking things under the hood. The truth is, between helping people with health and spiritual issues, and filling jewelry orders, I’ve been helping a lot of my friends who have websites, to make their sites more professional. 

I know numerous people who have contracted with so-called web developers (the woods are full of them), spent thousands of dollars, and wound up with a lot less than they should have.  Sometimes the money and the "webmaster" would simply disappear, and sometimes it became a horrible parasitic relationship with a charge for each small edit, or a monthly fee for ongoing edits, but the webmaster can never be found.  I want you to succeed and prosper, so my goal is to empower you to take over the task of making your own edits after we get your website set up, and then keep anyone else out of your loop and your pocketbook.  Your website is vital to your business.  

Your website must be search-engine friendly, easy to maintain and have a professional appearance.  I will not sell you fancy animation because it hogs bandwidth and slows loading and effectively chases off customers. 
A clean, easy-to-read website will do more for your business than a bunch of special effects.

I used Dreamweaver on this site, and I can utilize a range of on-line web building tools such as Yahoo Sitebuilder and GoDaddy, which the customers can update themselves after I have it up to speed. 
I use Adobe Photoshop for photo and art processing, and Illustrator to create custom line art.  

If you already have a website, but are not satisfied with it, we will consult regarding the “look and feel” and then review text and graphics.  Sometimes a valiant DIY effort just needs some tweaks. It is important to accurately convey your concepts, approach and methodology. If you have a metaphysical/spiritual or health related business, it is important to limit your potential liabilities (I've seen people put themselves out of business just by using the wrong words which got them in trouble with the FDA).  

If you have NO website, I can either build it for you on-line after you register your domain name and contract for web hosting through one of the discount hosts or build it using Dreamweaver and maintain it for you, or burn it to disc and send it to you.  My goal is to set it up so you can make your own edits, and hopefully embolden you to get on a search engine advertising program.

Pricing of these services depends heavily on the client’s level of cooperation and my time.  
"PACKAGE PRICING" is available for small business owners with an initial deposit.  Includes consultation, text building from provided text materials, building the website to spec, some basic photography and graphics, and training in maintenance, and coaching in getting on the search engines.

Websites I have done include:

... others are on the way. 

I've also worked on the massive Phillips66 employee Sharepoint intra-net site.