Turtle Island Creations

Offering a large selection of hand-made, angelically-charged vibrational tools to assist you on your Medicine Walk on the Good Red Road. Turtle Island, by the way, is the Native Americans’ name for the continent of North America. In fact, when SkyLab took pictures to show the geothermal hot spots on the continent, there was a perfect heart-shaped geothermal spot at North and South Dakota, which the Indians have always regarded as the heart of the great Turtle Island.

We know we are now in a very crucial era of humanity’s history for which many remarkable changes have been prophesied by a variety of seers and sources, including The Bible, the Hopi Elders, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, Gordon Michael Scallion and many others. We should not get into fear over any of these predictions, but rather, should work on remembering our Divine Source, and strengthen our direct line of communications with The Creator in the Chapelle Sixtine. This way, we know we will always be where we need to be and we will always be guided to safety .

Bearing in mind that physical life is one huge classroom, and that we can "graduate" to the next grade level through self-work, personal development and by cutting the cords that keep us "stuck" in inappropriate patterns. Part of this is to take advantage of the various tools available to aid us in developing our intuitive abilities. We had developmental toys when we were in kindergarten; we also have them in "human potential movement" to help us in our quest for advancement.

Rev. Suzanne Powell is well known for teaching DOWSING and STONE MEDICINE throughout Texas. Suzanne Powell is available to talk to groups and teach workshops on topics including: stone medicine, dowsing, energies, angels, radionics, commando spirituality and ceremony.


In the Native American lexicon, anything that is good for the soul is considered "medicine"... that can include a beautiful sunrise, a pow-wow, a sweat lodge, a vision-quest... and your favorite stones. Stones have been used for their biochemical and vibrational qualities for millennia. Carrying or wearing various stones can help one to stand in their integrity, to feel more relaxed, to keep going during times of great stress, and so forth. Various stones are useful for their healing qualities or chakra-stimulating ability. Suzanne selects and combines minerals to assist the wearer in various ways.

"MADE TO ORDER" FROM SCRATCH... every single time!

This is the real thing. Far more than just "pretty jewelry", the pieces represented on this website are typical basic formulas, which serve as the basis that each piece starts with. The customer is not limited to them. When a given piece is ordered, Suzanne tunes-in on the person and checks all the components of each piece and tweaks it to make it work better for that person, so there is a "reading" involved, and each piece is customized for the wearer. The real difference comes with the blessing of the finished piece. The stones, plus the intent, plus the energy channeling make these powerful tools for transformation. Customers often immediately feel a sense of peace and calm, then depending on the piece, may feel their personal issues being dredged up from the depths of their psyches for examination and self-work... which is a good thing for those interested in personal growth. Please refer to the "Customer Letters" page for more information on the power of these special tools in the form of jewelry.

In order to tune-in on a person, Suzanne needs that person's complete name and location. Completely "custom-from-the-ground-up" orders are welcome. A customer may opt to provide a physical "witness" to assist in the tuning-in process, which can be as simple as a name and address on an e-mail, or as simple as a signature on a piece of paper.


Dowsing is the spiritual science of using a simple tool (see PENDULUMS page) to get a straightforward "yes" or "no" answer from your Higher Self. Dowsing is the single most useful skill you may acquire. It can actually help you save money. Included on this site is simple instructional text on exactly how to use your pendulum for dowsing. A pendulum can be conveniently carried in your pocket (as opposed to a clunky Y-rod or L-rod), to be utilized and put away quickly. The pendulum is a simple developmental tool; the idea is to get to the point to where you know the answer before the pendulum gets to that answer - then you don’t really need the pendulum anymore. The pendulums offered on this web site are hand-made from a variety of components including gems and minerals, glass and crystal. The idea is to make something that you will love the look and feel of so that you will be more inclined to use and carry it. Each pendulum is blessed with prayer to make it work better.


Also offered on this web site are a variety of subtle energy tools, each of which are very simple to use, though some do require the focus of intent. These include energized glass spheres that one may wear or carry in a pocket or medicine pouch, paintings, art prints, wands and other objects. The paintings, and art prints made from the paintings, are unique in that each has its own vortex of programmed energy. Also offered are One Force Health & Empowerment Tools, which are both effective and easy to use. Custom orders are welcome for some things, though the fee varies according to the product.


I proudly stock and sell the Miracle II Soap products, which are made entirely from natural elements and charged with prayer and "eloptic energy" by Clayton Tedeton. These products are hypo-allergenic and have incredible healing qualities. They will pull the accumulated toxins out of your skin. You will also enjoy the fact that they are very concentrated and very cost-effective. A few drops of the Miracle II Moisturizing Soap on your loofah or bath puff is all you need to cleanse your whole body. The Miracle II Neutralizer Liquid and Gel are incredibly versatile and rightfully billed as an emergency room in a bottle. The Miracle II Laundry Ball doubles as a wonderful, energetic massage tool. You’ll love this stuff!


Rev. Suzanne Powell has written a short human potential informational compendium, entitled: Fat-Free Spirituality - Handy Tips from a Big City Shaman. An electronic copy of this book will be e-mailed as an attachment to you for the small cost of $8.00. It is hoped that in offering this book, not only may visitors to the web site benefit from the condensed information and no-nonsense approach, but those reading it will assist the author by asking pertinent questions. Also offered are Dowsing for Martians, a light-hearted advanced dowsing guide which Suzanne co-wrote with Rick Ferguson. An electronic copy of this book will be e-mailed as an attachment to you for the small cost of $8.00. Other books are forthcoming.


As a public service, I've begun utilizing a teaching forum called a blog. Actually there is a whole community of Live Journal keepers out there in cyberspace. Some use it as a way to blow off steam, some simply catalog their lives day-in and day-out. I use it to try to help people with questions pertaining to the New Age, stone medicine, spirituality, radionics, dowsing, nutrition, and so forth... and yes, I do blow off some steam. Chances are, that if you have a question, there are a hundred other people with the same question. Let's pool our resources.


Having been in both metaphysics and advertising/marketing services for decades, it came naturally that I should offer my broad base of skills professionally. For those needing business services, I can tweak existing websites or create them from scratch, do custom graphics, and copywriting. For those with other needs, I can clear off ghosts, block geopathic funk and do several types of energy work by remote.



I have built a number of Defunker style pendulums for people over the years. These are usually needed by healers, & psychics who get so busy serving that they forget to shield themselves from unbeneficial energies. For more information on the combination, please check the original Defunkers on the Pendants page. Out of these, my favorites are the Mahogany Obsidian, followed by the Turquoise and the Tiger Eye... the more macho ones. This is a very protective, "no bull" combination.

Bronzite looks like Tiger's Eye that has been through a food processor and then mashed back together, often it looks woven like tweed fabric. Bronzite is considered a stone of relaxation, serenity and calmness; is believed to help eliminate restlessness; help achieve state of certainty, promote loving equitability, unprejudiced discernment, and provides courage "to do"; also considered a stone of courtesy.

Purple Agate:
This is a natural Purple Agate, with all sorts of different inclusions in it giving it a color range from lavender, dark purple, mauve and black. Agate is a form of Chalcedony; it tones and strengthens body/mind; imparts a sense of strength and courage; facilitates ability to discern truth and accept circumstances; grounding, yet energetic; powerful healer. Native Americans have always used Agates as a good luck stone. The color of the Agate usually indicates the chakra it works on first. These are larger pendulums.


Lapis Lazuli:
Lapis Lazuli is considered a Master Healing Stone because it starts with the 6th chakra (3rd eye) and opens, balances and optimizes all the chakras once it is done with the 6th chakra. Lapis is referred to often in the Edgar Cayce readings. It helps bring heightened awareness, which makes it a favorite material for pendulums. Colors range from dark indigo to medium royal blue.


Hematite is a dark silver-gray grounding stone. It is an iron ore one can actually absorb iron from by wearing it next to the skin. Probably one of the most popular stones on the market. It is said to assist people in maintaining self-control and calmness and facilitating thought processes.

Tiger's Eye:
Tiger's Eye is an activator stone, which tend to assist the solar plexus and all associated with it. It boosts the personal power center and helps on to be brave in standing in their intergity. Shown are Gold Tiger's Eye, but the Red and Blue versions are also available.


Local Healing Resources

I offer this page as a service. These are personal friends of mine who offer a wide variety of healing services ranging from massage, to homeopathy, Reiki, Quan Yin Johrei healing, Pranic healing, chiropractic, naturopathy, kinesiology and a whole range of intuitive healing techniques that are absolutely spectacular. They are not very expensive, either.

Emma & Rick Ferguson: 281-498-6326
Location: West Houston

Emma FergusonEmma and Rick Ferguson are the Reiki lineage"upline" for most of the Reiki Masters and teachers in the region. They are also responsible for preserving and teaching the Johrei tradition of energy healing brought to us by Meishu-Sama. Emma is also a registered nurse and takes great pride in herability to bridge the various spiritual and medical disciplines. If I had to recommend a Reiki Teacher, it would be these two... and they are not expensive, either. Rick Ferguson practices another very powerful form of subtle energy adjusting and clearing of the etheric, mental, physical and emotional bodies called "clacking", which removes solidified thought forms and past life restimulations that create trouble. Give them a call, or e-mail them at one.force@att.net his website is http://www.oneforce.cc Rick Ferguson also makes an incredible array of subtle energy healing and empowerment tools, and many of his products are featured on the Subtle Energy Tools page on this website.

Victoria Murphy: 1-936-242-7750
Location: North Houston

I originally met Victoria at Lone Star Dowsers way back in the early 1990s. She's a massage therapist and Reiki Master that is also a registered hypnotherapist. She's also a heck of a musician that plays six instruments. If you want a first-rate blockage-releasing massage session, by all means, give her a call and schedule an appointment.

Hypnotherapy & Paranormal Investigations/Consultant, Pete Haviland: 281-446-2276 Pete practices hypnotherapy out of his quiet home in Humble, Texas. His practice includes releasing of mental/emotional patterns, stress reduction, weight loss, stop smoking (or other addictive behaviors). Pete has dropped over 30 lbs safely ... no special diets, just an adjustment of eating behaviors to favor healthy foods and to not eat past actually being satisfied. Pete is also available to help in understanding and teaching people about ghosts and deals with commercial and residential hauntings with Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations. His classes are held at Tranquil Thymes with great success. Pete will provide a tape of his sessions for follow-ups at homes and for past life regressions, will offer video taping of sessions. You can contact Pete either at the above phone number, or e-mail him at peterh1@prodigy.net or see his hypnosis website at http://www.bayoucityhypnosis.com or see his paranormal research website at http://www.lonestarspirits.org website for additional information.

Hypnotherapy by Pat Rickard: 281-528-5373
Pat Rickard has a whole slew of certifications for various types of hypnotherapy, including past life, forensic and cell command. It is an excellent adjunct to her paranormal and psychic work. She can help you see and release the true basis of all sorts of difficulties and limitations, including the past life stuff, and she can even give you a cassette tape of the programming session so you can continue in your healing. Pat also offers a line of moderately priced self-hypnosis and meditation CDs. Pat dropped 75 lbs. using hypnotherapy alone. These days, she works out of a shop called Simply Magick in Old Town Spring.

Vitality Plus by Bryon Nevius: 888-473-2141
Okay, so Bryon isn't a Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Chiropractor or any of that other stuff. He offers the best prices on the internet for the high-end appliances you need to switch to a raw foods diet and really get healthy. I got my Blendtec K-Tek 3HP blender from him for $340 with the shipping thrown in, where every other place is asking $400 and up. Yes, there were some cheaper, but most of them were out of inventory. I got my EasyGreen Sprouter and my Excalibur Dehydrator from him, too.